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June Update Prelude

Hey all. Indiegogo requires me to post updates at least once a month and the deadline is tonight, so I'm putting this short one out before a substantially larger update on Friday.

This past month has been split between setting up the workshop (cabinet, desk, vented enclosure, etc) and dealing with IRL stuff, which I've talked about on the Discord server but won't bother going into detail about here. All of that will be wrapped up within a day, so it's all hands on deck for ThinkMods.

Essentially, the past month was spent:

  • Buying, picking up, and setting up a workshop desk
  • Installing ventilation for the 3D printer enclosure
  • Setting up second 3D printer
  • Buying, picking up, and setting up a server-grade UPS (so prints won't be interrupted by power outages)
  • Setting up the SMD oven (various mods have to be applied before the oven is even safely usable)

The final component (brass nut inserts) finally arrived yesterday, and I plan to start manufacturing Prototype 3 boards on Thursday.

More details with many photos to come by Friday (6/26). See you then!